Travertine Cleaning, Polishing and Restoration

Travertine Restoration, Cleaning

Travertine Cleaning, Polishing and Restoration

Travertine is a type of sedimentary rock that is formed by the biological and chemical processes that occur in fresh water hot springs and small rivers. The name evolved from the Latin words lapis tiburtinus, meaning stone of Tibur, which is modern day Tivoli where this rock is quarried in abundance. Travertine forms in fine layers over long periods of time and is usually a quite porous material. Iron oxides and hydrates influence the colors which vary from yellow, tan, brown, grey and even reds. Travertine’s beauty and durability make it an excellent building material for non-load bearing indoor and outdoor applications

Our process begins with a Free Consultation / Evaluation from our Tampa Travertine cleaning team.

First our Travertine cleaning team inspects your stone and performs a number of tests to determine type of stone. We will inspect the wear patterns and damage on the stone. This will allow us to be very precise in our diagnosis of the problem. We can also determine if your stone should be sealed.

Travertine CleaningStone Medic’s cleaning process typically involves the use of our high pressure hot water extraction unit (up to1200 psi) providing for the most effective cleaning method for your travertine. A through cleaning of your travertine marble floor is crucial for a smooth looking uniform finish and proper sealing. We use state of the art equipment and Travertine Cleaning products.

Travertine Restoration – Tampa Travertine Cleaning and trained stone technicians, state-of the-art equipment and materials, we will restore your stone surface to its original beauty. All work will be completed in a professional and timely manner.

Diamond Honing – Travertine Restoration uses a series of diamond pads of varying grits to actually cut away the surface damage to the floor. In actuality, only 1/32″ will be removed from the floor. The result of this process is a perfectly smooth, unblemished floor.

Travertine Polishing – Once the floor has been prepared with the diamond pads and all damage has been removed, it is ready for the final step in the process, powder polishing. This is the process by which the Travertine is polished.

Travertine Sealing – Our travertine restoration team uses high grade penetrating (impregnating) sealers. Their function is to absorb into the pores of the stone and fill them up. Tight pores help keep spills on the surface so they won’t soak in. More on Travertine Sealing.

Our Services include Travertine Cleaning, Travertine Sealing, Travertine Polishing, Travertine Restoration and Travertine Repair.

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